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Updated as reciently as 3/14/06-check out my Quail Hunting Page.

Muckalee 2005 Deer pictures added.

Here are my turkey hunting pictures from over the years.

August 30 2005 - In an effort to document some of my activities, I've decided to re-work this personal web space that my server gives me. Having built a couple of pages in the past (all through hand coding and no click-n-build software) I figured it was about time that I build/update my personal site for others to enjoy. It is mainly a Blog, but I prefer to call it my online journal of the 2005 hunting season. For any real web page builders, you may find my coding very "haphazard" but it seem to work.

For any questions just e-mail me.

Because my life tends to revolve around hunting and some fishing, I thought I'd make a virtual log of some things that I enjoy doing. These things of course will be activities like deer hunting, turkey hunting, duck hunting, quail hunting, dove shoots, wild hog hunting, crow shoots, varmint hunting, squirrel hunting, and bass fishing. There may be more, but this list consists of things I like to do regularly. Most of these activities will take place in Marion County, Georgia at Muckalee Sprotsman Association, Inc. A quality deer managed club. You'll notice this web page is set up similar to Muckalee's and that's because I built them both. Other hunting may take place in Stewart County, Georgia just a quarter mile north of Hannahatchee Creek WMA. I lease a little 100 acre tract there for ducks, hogs, and deer. I've only hunted ducks on it to date, but look forward to the hog and deer as well.

Okay, my plan is to document a year's worth of these activities, but I am already behind on the documentation. I have already started preparing for my 2005 deer hunting season by mowing my food plot in preperation for fall planting. I am also a little behind on food plot preperation because of work, which is non-hunting related, and other activities that keep me busy such as QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) events.

Speaking of QDMA, I am the current president of our local chapter, The Chattahoochee Valley Branch in Columbus, GA. We just recently had a booth at the second annual Dixie Deer Expo at the Columbus Iron Works and Trade Center. The event was for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and I spent all three days there helping man the booth and sell raffle tickets. We raffled off a Mathews Classic bow and a young hunter of 12 or 13 won. I spent my Thursday evening prior to the event setting up the booth, was there all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and the Sunday after the show I helped tear it down. I am very dedicated to this organization and believe in its purpose of educating the hunters on what it takes to have a quality deer heard. There are a couple of others that are with me in this dedication and I could not do it without them. I am in my second term of presidency for this branch and I am always looking for local members to step up and help out. Right now this branch is running on just a few dedicated people's desires to keep it up and running. Luckily, we met the new Regional Director yesterday at the annual Short Course hosted by MeadWestvaco and QDMA National. He is excited about working with us and while at the short course, I gave a shout out to the audience about the local chapter, how to get in contact with us, and mentioned that we need help in running it.

Now on to the Journal. Instead of making this page never ending, what I'll do is create a page for each activity as noted by the links above. I'll have a page for the 2005 deer season, a page for the 2005 dove shoots, and so on. The links will be in the left hand frame and disbursed throughout this text. Of course to get back to this page you can click on the "Home" logo that is actually a picture of me and my dog in the left frame. To start off with, check out my Quail Hunting page that I used to set up my page templates.

Read, view, and enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by.


Created: August 30, 2005
Updated: March 14, 2006